July 19, 2024

The frame is designed for self-restoration and we need to handiest see a physician as regularly as a lawyer if we stay well and consume proper.5-yr frequency for physicals is ok for the general public, which includes girls with pap assessments because it takes approximately 10 years for cervical cancer to grow to be invasive, but it dangers scientific involvement via MD’s who’re eager to prescribe and have you ever go back for any little problem. if you smoke, a chest x-ray every 3 months is still no longer capable of trap lung most cancers early enough to conquer ninety five% of demise in 5 years.UCLA’s examine via Dr. Lester Breslow showed that easy fitness conduct were proper for a 30-year benefit as compared to overweight those who smoked, drank and have been sad.workout, consuming water and breakfast were factors inside the take a look at that started in the 1960’s but it did not ask approximately meals. With a low-fat, low-ldl cholesterol diet, self-care has big benefits over hospital therapy…hospital treatment has end up a main motive of illness, disability and death due to destructive drug reactions, however we do not hear approximately it due to the fact the drug companies sponsor the news.we love drugs due to the fact they help our signs or maintain our ldl cholesterol, blood pressure or sugar in a normal range. however drugs do now not cope with the underlying cause and facts indicates marginal benefit however drug groups have smart ways of exaggerating advantage at the same time as minimzing hazard.”Headache, diarrhea or stomach ache” go away no clue as to the a hundred and twenty other side outcomes which might be listed inside the physician’s table Reference for a pink pill. that is standard of many tablets.After taking a prescription for some weeks or months, perhaps years, if you get a headache, and (high-price) assessments display no tumor, you’re given a second prescription for the headache. however you actually needed one much less. masking the symptoms of drug toxicity with another drug is risky.Sir William Osler, the father of cutting-edge medicine said, “far too massive a phase of the treatment of sickness is today managed by means of the big production pharmacists, who have enslaved us in a possible pseudo-technology… We take into our our bodies which we recognise little approximately, drugs that we recognise much less approximately, to treat diseases that we realize not anything approximately.”Osler echoes what Hippocrates said, “Nature remedies, not the medical doctor… let your food be your medicine.” Pritikin showed it really works via reversing coronary heart disorder, excessive blood stress and kind-2 diabetes in approximately 85% of instances 30 years ago, but medical greed averted media insurance and extensive popularity.we’re doing the same component these days, calling pills “healthcare” and trying to make it to be had to anyone. In a debate, the only who defines the phrases wins. The drug agencies are defining hospital therapy as “healthcare” and want it to be had to everyone. it is time to be sensible.What we positioned into our mouth takes us from 6 or 8 kilos (ordinary at birth) to 160 or 280 in 30-60 years. If we have a problem, we did it to ourselves and we can opposite it. it’s our preference and we need to bear the price and responsibility via ourselves.Why must I be taxed to pay the “healthcre” health center bill for a smoker who made those choices time and again notwithstanding warnings? The identical precept applies to maximum disease and is extraordinary than injuries, maximum of which might be resulting from alcohol, tranquilizers or cell telephones.cautious investigation could allow the fee of care to be paid by the birthday party answerable for the accident. the bottom line is that we are able to take care of ourselves.The internet gives desirable data in maximum medical areas with an exception in regard to meals allergy/chemical addiction syndrome. when we emerge as allergic to a food or chemical, we construct a tolerance to it in order that we do not come to be ill when we consume it, similar to a smoker who does now not get unwell whilst he smokes–he receives unwell when he does not smoke as he begins to withdraw from an addiction.people do no longer experience this with meals they consume every day, but they enjoy symptoms as they pass in or out in their tolerance to a food or chemical (like caffeine) primarily based on how a whole lot they get, how frequently and what sort of exercise, sleep, pressure, fresh air and water they get.these kinds of play a function in this trouble which overlooked and no longer understood via maximum medical doctors. docs provide names to situations that people have and this covers up their lack of knowledge of the reason. if your medical doctors can not inform you the reason of a hassle you probably did not have at birth, bear in mind truly fizzling out capsules and chemical substances and adopting a brown rice food plan with end result or veggies which you rarely devour (they wouldn’t be inflicting your signs) and spot how you are in five-10 days.Dr. Lorraine Day who cured herself of metastatic breast most cancers says, “do not examine labels… do not buy ingredients with labels”–they are loaded with chemicals.eat clean end result and vegetables, do a minimum of cooking and assume to be worse for numerous days all through withdrawal, but better in five-10 days. Then trry to locate the offending meals by way of adding your preferred foods again one every day, noticing while you get your signs returned.skin or blood trying out for food allergies is 80% unreliable. the us is paying trillions for “healthcare” that does not find out the genuine reasons.Our authorities paid tobacco growers for vegetation, funded drug companies to do research and Obamacare will penalize people who don’t want “healthcare” that imply drugs and vaccinations for all. we’re a state of sheep going to the slaughter unless we find out the fact and take the responsibility for ourselves.This lesson applies to lifestyles. If we take responsibility for ourselves and are careful in our weight-reduction plan, we do not want big government with symptomatic pills telling us what to do. If we do the identical with our minds (give up the junk-meals mentality of television crime, sex, violence and controlled news), we can have fewer frustrations to vent and might manipulate our anger or worry no need of drugs.